WorkPackage 1 Scientific and administrative coordination


The objective of this work package is the effective and accountable scientific and administrative coordination of the project’s research activities.




WorkPackage 2 Theory and methodology



The overall objective of the work-package is to have responsibility for the theoretical coherence and methodological consistency of the research and to maintain coordinated oversight, together with the research work-package leaders, of the research activity.



WorkPackage 3 Analysis of Policy


The objectives of this work package are two-fold:

  • collection and organization of research data; and
  • the analysis of policy documents. The work package will produce a rigorous, state of the art mapping and comparison of national and international governance agendas in the six case studies.



WorkPackage 4 Thematic Analysis


The workpackage will research, organize and outline the thematic divisions of the project. These divisions will structure both the empirical studies carried out in the individual casework and the scientific output and policy recommendations. The thematic studies will build upon the state-of-the-art studies of the WP2.




WorkPackage 5 Systematic Case Surveys


The overall objective of the workpackage is to coordinate the six case studies making up the empirical input for this project. The cases are Bihar, Bosnia, Cyprus, Georgia, North East India and Kashmir. The project will conduct interviews with key governance actors, as well as host-populations.




WorkPackage 6 Assessment of Governance Initiatives


The work package will, on the basis of the analysis of WP 3,4 and 5, assess the current governance initiatives in the EU and India. The work package will draw from the six studies, and compare the political acquis of EU and India’s peace activities and the way actors embedded in other cultural/civilisational frames deal with conflicts.



WorkPackage 7 Dissemination and user feedback

The objective of this work package is to facilitate the dissemination and retrieval of information and research results produced by the project.




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