WorkPackage 6 Assessment of Governance Initiatives


The work package will, on the basis of the analysis of WP 3,4 and 5, assess the current governance initiatives in the EU and India. The work package will draw from the six studies, and compare the political acquis of EU and India’s peace activities and the way actors embedded in other cultural/civilisational frames deal with conflicts.



How do they differ? To what extent has there been a convergence brought about by the globalisation of norms and best practices? The overall assessment of each case study will set the ground for two large Policy Reports addressing India and the EU.

  • The work of the workpackage will be carried out in three parts.  The workpackage will systematically register the results of the project's survey and analyses.
  • the work package will assess these results and
  • it will produce Policy recommendations on the basis of research findings.

The Institute for International Affairs

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group

Society for Participatory Research in Asia

Peace Research Institute Oslo

Central European University

University of Delhi

Berghof Conflict Research  / Berghof Foundation

University of St Andrews / University of Manchester




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