Objective and mission




The CORE project sets out the following objectives:

  • Analyse how increasingly globally articulated and networked norms, rules and policies of governance are transforming and affecting conflicts locally;
  • Assess how and to what degree governance measures on global, regional, state and local level impact each other in a multi-level dynamic, and if and how they constitute peace processes with broad local legitimacy.
  • Compare how and emerging EU peacebuilding framework, loosely defined by the liberal peace and regional integration or association, compares with regional strategies aimed at dealing with conflict on and around the Indian subcontinent.
  • Map a select set of current governance programmes and actors that are set up to address conflicts of each case study and analyse the discourses of the governance initiatives, their underpinned principles and societal goals for peacebuilding in each context;
  • Form a methodological framework for field analysis of governance initiatives implemented in societies of long-term conflict;
  • Improve the knowledge and understanding of the cultural dynamics of current governance, peace and development practices in India and Europe;
  • Assess the effect and impact of governance initiatives on conflicts where issues of identity mobilization and minority rights are prominent;
  • Make a significant contribution to basic research on global politics, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and governance through improving the theoretical and methodological basis for analysing and assessing the political and social impact of governance initiatives.

The project will in particular analyse the following areas of peacebuilding and governance: a) democratic institution building, b) development/ management of resources, c) human rights, d) rule of law, e) policing, and f) civil society. This will be carried out by combining targeted case studies with theoretical innovation.





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