University of St. Andrews (USTAN )


St Andrews is Scotland's first University and the third oldest in the UK. For almost six centuries, it has upheld the tradition of academic excellence, attracting scholars of international repute and students from all over the world. The project research will be run from the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) within the School of International Relations, which is one of the UK's most highly rated departments for the study of International Relations. CPCS focuses on advancing critical theoretical, conceptual and empirical understandings of responses to conflict and the construction of peace. In particular it aims to interrogate the relationship between conflict and the forms of 'peace' being created in conflict zones mainly in the developing world today.

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies seeks to synthesize empirical data with sophisticated theoretical analyses aimed at the provision of discursive, theoretical and policy insights (as opposed to guidelines). The intention is to establish a recognisably coherent and innovative agenda for conflict research and to build connections with other related sub disciplines. The objective is to act as a forum for theoretical advancement and for accounts of case studies where important lessons can be learned about conflict and its redressal. The CPCS has research expertise in peace and conflict theory, peacebuilding, UN Peace Operations and statebuilding, ethnicity, and the role of organisations such as the UN, World Bank, EU, and OAU, and of other major donors in conflict zones around the world. Geographical expertise includes: Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, East Timor, the Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus, Nepal, Kashmir.

University of St. Andrews (USTAN) was partner of the CORE project until 30/04/2012.




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