International Conference Delhi - November 2013

On 11 - 12 November 2013, PRIA organised the International Conference in Delhi. This meeting brought together a select group from Delhi's academic practitioner and policy making cirles to share the key findings from this project and to discuss its future implications in therms of theory building, research, practice and policy. In addition the dissemination meeting structured the discussions around broad thematic rubrics that have cut across the case studies, such as the role of elections and electoral politics, autonomy, dialogue and reconciliation, resistance and protest and the role of civil society in conflict zones. It discussed the future implications of the project for theory, research, practice and policy and a special roundtable with policy makers was held at the end of the second day.

Invitees included academics, research scholars, conflict resolution practitioners from Delhi working broadly in the area of peace conflict and governance from universities and think tanks. The policy briefs generated from this project were used as the basis for discussion with a group of policy makers from Delhi including members of the Planning Commission, bureaucrats, elected representatives, and policy think tanks.

The event raised a lot of media interest and it was covered widely in the Indian press. A report of the press coverage can be found here.

The report of the conference can be downloaded here.

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