Tocci Nathalie

Nathalie Tocci (BA Oxford, MSc and PhD London School of Economics) is Senior Fellow at the Instituto Affari Internazionali, Rome, currently on sabatical at the Transatlantic Academy, Washington. She is also Associate Editor of The International Spectator. She has held previous research positions at the Centre for European Policy Studies (1999-2003) and the European University Institute, Florence (2003-2007). Nathalie is the winner of the 2008 Anna Lindh award for the study of European foreign policy. Under the 6th Framework Programme she carried out a Marie‐Curie Intra‐European Fellowship; she co‐coordinated the STREP project SHUR; and she is Work‐Package leader of the Integrated project MICORCON. In the 7th Framework Programme she is Work-Package leader in the collaborative projects MERCURY and MEDPRO. Her book publications include: Cyprus: A Conflict at the Crossroads (with T. Diez eds) 2009, Manchester University Press; Who’s  Normative Foreign Policy Actor: The EU and its Global Partners, 2008, CEPS; The EU and Conflict Resolution: Promoting Peace in the Backyard, 2007, Routledge; EU Accession Dynamics and Conflict Resolution: Catalyzing Peace or Consolidating Partition in Cyprus?, 2004, Ashgate; Towards Accession Negotiations: Turkey’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges Ahead (with A. Evin eds) 2004, European University Institute; Europeanization and Conflict Resolution: Case Studies from the Divided Periphery (with M. Emerson at al) 2003, Academia Press; and The Rubik Cube of the Wider Middle East (with M. Emerson) 2002, CEPS.



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