Mikhelidze Nona

Nona Mikhelidze is Research Fellow at IAI, holds a M.A. in Regionalism: Central Asia and Caucasian Studies from the Humboldt University Berlin (HU) and was awarded with the Volkswagen Foundation Scholarship as a Research Fellow at HU. She holds M.A. and B.A. degrees in International Relations from the Tbilisi State University. Currently she is participating in Commission 6th and 7th Framework projects MICROCON, MERCURY and EU4SEAS. Her research interests include the ENP and conflict resolution in the South Caucasus, the Wider Black Sea and regional cooperation, Turkey and Caspian Region, and Russian foreign policy in the ex-Soviet space. Recent publications: ’After the 2008 Russia-Georgia War: Implications for the Wider Caucasus’, The International Spectator, Vol. 44., No. 3 (2009); ’Eastern Partnership and Conflicts in the South Caucasus: Old Wine in New Skins?, Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, 2009, ; N. Mikhelidze and Nathalie Tocci, "How can Europe engage with Islamist movements?", in Michael Emerson, Kristina Kausch, Richard Youngs (eds), Islamist radicalisation: the challenge for euro-mediterranean relations, Brussels : Centre for European Policy Studies ; Madrid : Fride, June 2009 N. Mikhelidze and Nicoletta Pirozzi, Civil Society and Conflict Transformation in Abkhazia, Israel-Palestine, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria and Western Sahara, Brighton, MICROCON, 2008; Nathalie Tocci and N. Mikhelidze, "How to engage with Political Islam? Lessons from Europe", in The International Spectator, Vol. 43., No. 3 (July-September 2008), p. 67-83.



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