Richmond Oliver


Oliver Richmond is Director of the CPCS. His primary area of expertise is in peace and conflict theory, and in particular its interlinkages with IR theory. He has been involved in fieldwork in Asia and Europe, particularly in Kosovo, Bosnia, Cyprus and Turkey. Richmond is currently co‐directing projects on 'Liberal Peace Transitions' (funded by the Carnegie Trust), Orthodox Terrorism and Liberal Peacebuilding (funded by the British Academy), and 'Rethinking the Liberal Peace' (funded by the UNUniversity and University of St Andrews). He is also involved with a PRIO project on the 'Ethics of Liberal Peace', and an EU funded FP7 project entitled 'A Just and Durable Peace' (2008‐2011) for which his main focus is on the cultural and welfare aspects of peacebuilding. Richmond is also Associate Editor of the Review of International Studies. Finally, he edits a Palgrave Book Series called Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies, which seeks to provide a forum for the development of new and alternative approaches for understanding the dynamics of conflict and of the construction of peace. His recent publications include: Peace in IR, (Routledge, 2008); Challenges to Peacebuilding; Managing Spoilers During Conflict Resolution, (co‐edited with Edward Newman, UNU Press, 2006) and The Transformation of Peace (Palgrave, 2005/7).



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